1. 3 years Corporate, (1120, or 1120S) or personal (1040) (sole proprietorship) tax returns.
  2. Monthly bank statements and reconciliation, canceled checks.
  3. Sales tax returns, Profit and Loss Statements totaling 3 years.
  4. Detailed year end and a year to date general ledger.
  5. All of the last 2 years corporate intangible and tangible tax returns (DR-601 and DR -405).
  6. Annual and Quarterly, both federal and state payroll tax returns for 2 years and any 1099’s issued to date.
  7. work in process, accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable for 2 years and to date.
  8. List of purchase assets with values and serial numbers, including inventory list.
  9. Employee list with job description and salary, wages etc.
  10. Purchase and sales invoices for specific jobs for a sample test gross profit.
  11. Copy of existing lease, options, addendums. Landlord contact person, and previous real estate tax bill.
  12. Copy of all licenses.
  13. Bank statements and records.