John A. Diaz, Business Broker will help you match up with the appropriate business to purchase. He will help you as if I were buying it for himself. As a previously a successful business owner and manager, he will know what to look for in a business.

Through our network of associations we have access to thousands of businesses currently available. We will help you determine fair market value for the business which you are interested in to ensure you’re getting value for the money you spend. We will use our banking contacts to assist you with financing. This includes traditional SBA small business loans.

We will guide you from one of the first steps of finding the right business through the entire process all the way to closing.

Eight Basic Steps of Buying a Business

Step 1: Meeting and Evaluation Of Goals and Objectives
All buyers should meet with John in person unless it’s not possible because of distance. We will begin the process sharing information, going over your financial capacity, your experience and skills, and your goals and objectives. This will help determine the types of business best fitted for you.

Step 2: Education and Valuation
We will explain the process and help you understand the marketplace. We will teach you how to read business listings, how to understand the valuation concepts, and how to review available properties. We will engage banking contacts to assist you in arranging financing.

Step 3: Business Search
We will help you search for your business and assist you in signing confidentiality disclosures so we can get detailed information of the businesses and visit businesses until you decide on a business to purchase.

Step 4: Negotiate Purchase Offer
We will use our expertise in deal structuring and present a purchase and sale agreement to the seller with an escrow good faith deposit. This will show your seriousness and strengthen your offer.

Step 5: Due Diligence
The process of verifying all the pertinent information in all aspects of the business. This is the time to verify and review the financial, legal, and business aspects of the company or business.

Step 6: Financing and Funding
Most businesses sell with seller financing. We will assist you in negotiating seller financing. We will also put you in contact with business bankers who provide SBA loans.

Step 7: Close
We will attend the closing and guide your through the final preparations like lease assignments, inventory counts, utility transfers, financing and merchant service accounts. We will make the transfer as seamless as possible. The closing is usually be completed by an attorney.

Step 8: Post Closing
We will be available to assist you with questions related to the transitioning of training, employees and clients,